The Future of Water & Wastewater Treatment and Management

Micropollutants in water are an alarming threat to all lifeforms. For water, it’s Now or Never!

The Dutch solution to a global problem​. We protect our precious water resources, humans, and our environment from the negative impacts of highly persistent, mobile and toxic micropollutants with our efficient and sustainable science-based technology.

Mission -  Membranes that treat the world's toughest wastewater

Our world is increasingly confronted with challenges around water scarcity and water contamination. CircuTech’s nanostrucured and fluidic membrane technology is capable of selectively removing organics from polluted water, including micropollutants, color, antibiotics, PFAS, bacteria and viruses. This has resulted in new and simple processes for the treatment of water, the reuse of wastewater and the production of potable water. We deliver robust products and innovative solutions enabling our partners to excel in sustainable membrane filtration applications.


At CircuTech, we are working on a technology that will reduce the eight hours it currently takes a treatment plant to treat wastewater to under 30 minutes. That’s 1500% faster than combined stormwater and wastewater is currently being processed.
Existing techniques for removing pollutants from water and wastewater are often too costly, energy-intensive, and unsustainable. CircuTech's technology has the potential to be a game-changer in this field by providing a more sustainable and affordable solution.


Secondly, CircuTech’s technology removes these pollutants in an affordable and sustainable way thanks to the use of our patented novel nano-functional materials and nanofluidic technologies to selectively recover high-value resources from residue streams is another significant innovation. These separation and circularity technologies are key to many industrial processes and they promote circularity and reduce waste.



UN Sustainable Development Goals

The UN Sustainable Development Goals are embedded in CircuTech’s ESG agenda. Building on our vision (to be a leading global provider of technology for producing pure and affordable water to improve our quality of life) and our mission (inspired by our team’s passion for membranes, we develop and produce innovative products and solutions, enabling our partners to excel in membrane filtration applications), we have aligned our objectives to 5 UN Sustainable Development Goals:


  • 6. Clean water and sanitation

  • 8. Decent work and economic growth

  • 9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure

  • 12. Responsible consumption and production

  • 17. Partnerships for the goals



These UN Sustainable Development Goals have been derived from a stakeholder engagement survey and assessment of material topics.



Micropollutants represent a massive range of organic pollutants that are released from products used by all of us daily. Pharmaceuticals, hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, personal care products, industrial chemicals, forever chemicals or PFAS, etc. Thanks to our unique technology, we can remove these micropollutants from wastewater and thus provide a cleaner environment – cost-effectively and sustainably.
Our Direct Nanofiltration (dNF) membranes offer the unique combination of a low fouling hollow fiber configuration with the ability to remove organics and salinity (hardness) from water in one simple step. Other than a strainer, no further pre-treatment is required. We manufacture our membranes with a patented layer-by-layer process, where multiple nano-scale layers are deposited on a membrane support. This method enables very precise and controlled rejection and flux properties of the membrane. A unique solution for troubled water.

Industrial Water

CircuTech offers energy efficient direct nanofiltration, ultrafiltration and microfiltration membranes for a wide range of industrial applications, including process water treatment, wastewater reuse and the recovery of valuable raw materials such as caustic or coloring dyes.

Drinking water

Our nanofiltration membranes enable one-step water production from polluted surface water by removing color, micropollutants and other contaminations with significant energy and chemicals savings. We also offer ultrafiltration membranes for replacement, expansion, or greenfield projects.

Wastewater reuse

Our nanofiltration membranes enable direct treatment of wastewater, preventing the discharge of polluting substances in the environment as well as enabling the reuse of water. We offer significant savings in energy usage and chemical consumption in comparison to traditional membrane technologies.

Our dNF membranes are the solution for color removal, COD/BOD removal, reclamation of cleaning solutions or coloring dye from water. Creating potable water directly from surface water, reclaiming industrial waste water, or removing medicine residues, microplastics and endocrine disruptors from waste water are areas where CircuTech’s dNF membranes excel.


Our goal is to become a global reference in the water industry and develop new and innovative approaches to desalination and water/wastewater treatment including high recovery membrane technologies, low energy systems, and integration with renewable energy.


Out technology and innovation provide a full wastewater and seawater processing (brine mining) approach for high-value minerals and by-products such as magnesium metals and high purity salts, thereby achieving zero waste while generating strong economic value.

A Circular Economy for Smarter Waste Management

As part of CircuTech’s vision, environmental sustainability and wise resource use is at the forefront. CircuTech aims to implement circular economic models across all water fields, where all waste is utilized as valuable resources.


CircuTech is at the forefront of water technologies by redefining the value chain from the traditional linear approach to apply a strong emphasis on circularity, resource recovery and innovation.


The main “waste” from traditional wastewater treatment are biosolids or sludge. This is also the main resource, as a nutrient-rich dense organic material with the potential for nutrient and energy recovery. CircuTech technology aims to implement best practice biosolids management from the ground up with a strong focus on leveraging the global need for land application and energy-neutral processes with Water Recycling and Recovery Plants (WRRPs).




Durable Membranes for Demanding Industries.